Announcement of Hachioji Office
Press Release
10 / 01 / 2017
ETO Co., Ltd.
General Affairs Department
We established Hachioji office newly on October 1st and start business that covered Kanagawa ,northern part of Tokyo and Saitama.
Because the location is nearer to the customer’s, we can provide newly products and technology in a positive way.
We appreciate your further support and patronage.

Name: Eto Co.,Ltd. Hachioji Office
Location: #102 Hachioji Seni Center-bldg,13-1 Minamishinmachi, Hachioji Tokyo,192-0075
TEL: 042-655-6020
FAX: 042-628-1770
Start Business: 2nd October 2017
Officer: Ryo Kataoka

【Inquiries about this matter】
ETO Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department
TEL : 045-222-4810
FAX : 045-683-6590