Commitment to quality

Commitment to quality

Commitment to quality

In order to deliver
the products in
a state of perfection.

Commitment to quality

In order to deliver the products
in a state of perfection.

Comprehensive quality assurance

We will deliver reliable
quality and service.

So far we have been working on improving our quality assurance ability by making comprehensive quality assurance the most important issue in the company-wide scale. In June 1999, we obtained ISO9001 authentication (authentication No.QC99J1009)【※Note】, and further improved the business system to a system that conforms to international standards. Now we are providing the “reliable quality and service” that has been achieved with Eto’s own quality assurance to domestic and overseas clients. In order to respond to the client needs and expectations, Eto will also aim to improve the comprehensive quality assurance together with suppliers in the future.
【※Note: The scope of this certification based on the certificate issued by the Certification Organization.】

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Quality Plan Process

for quality stability. processes are in ETO.

In addition to the adaptation to the international standard (ISO9001) and the management and quality assurance system, in order to deliver products with perfect quality, we carry out an advanced study of the client demand, request, and needs in detail. And in order to lead to reliable quality assurance, we are implementing the quality planning process (quality plan).
Purchasing process
From the know-how and technical information accumulated from many years in the quality planning process, implementing the selection that takes advantage of each supplier with its features (unique technology, production equipment, production technology, price, quality system, etc.), we have established a delivery system of precision parts with high-quality and high added value.
Product quality evaluation and verification process
Introducing state-of-the-art equipment, and implementing the first product evaluation and malfunction analysis and verification in a speedy and high precision manner, we are clearing client standards.
(1) High-precision image processing dimension measuring device
(2) Digital microscope
(3) High-depth scanning electron microscope
(4) X-ray fluorescence analysis devices, etc.

Improving customer satisfaction

In order to improve client satisfaction, we will power up the supply chain.

Firm and stable implementation of starting a new business and shifting to a new product introduction process are important activities to obtain customer satisfaction. On that basis, stable product quality assurance is the most important and the quality level in the business processes becomes the base for it. For this challenge, through the third-party authentication of the international standards for the ISO management system, building and improving the business process and making the quality assurance sustainable and adapting it to the client’s request, Eto is trying to correspond steadily to them. On the other hand, in the same way in terms of the supply chain, in light of the requirements for the ISO management system we need to actively promote the construction of a business system that conforms to it together with the suppliers at an early stage. For deepening cooperation with suppliers in advancing this, and toward the establishment of the conforming business system, we are implementing collaboration and support through disclosure and provision of know-how, current situation analysis, document examples, materials, and even through site guidance.