News of information exchange society of supplier and a convivial party
Press Release
03 / 15 / 2017
ETO Co., Ltd.
Procurement Department
Continuing from last year, on March 10, we held the second "supplier information exchange meeting and social gathering". We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone concerned with the suppliers who participated.
In the future, we will move forward with our suppliers as a pillar of "active aggressive sales", "strengthening cooperation within the company", "human resources, investment in IT".
We would be grateful for your continued cooperation.

Holding date:10th MArch,2017 from 2: 00 ~ 5: 15 pm
Venue:Shinagawa Prince Hotel
Banquet Hall Topaz (For Information exchange meeting)
Banquet Hall Silver (For Social gathering)
131 guests from 112 companies attended (Including 50 people related to our company)

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