Overseas expansion has been
progressed most.


Overseas expansion has been progressed most.
About Electronics Department

In the market where overseas expansion has progressed, manufacturing competitive products that meet the needs of each area is required.
Many of the parts handled in the fields of electronics and home electric appliances are extremely small precision parts. A single product contains a lot of precision parts, each of which is equipped with a required function, and there is no part that is unnecessary. What is required for these precision parts, above all, is “stable function.” Each single precision part is combined with other components and must ensure sufficient strength as an integral part. In this field where overseas expansion has progressed, together with meeting the needs of each area, the strength of the part and selecting the optimal processing method are always required for creating competitive products.

Case Study : Multiple minute parts in the information terminal

Achieve both stable functionality and a cost cut of minute parts simultaneously.

“It does not make sense if the lowered cost lowered the functionality. The cost and function should always be in a proportional relationship.”

Case Study
Multiple minute parts in the information terminal
Achieve both stable functionality and a cost cut of minute parts simultaneously.

“It does not make sense if the lowered cost lowered the functionality. The cost and function should always be in a proportional relationship.”
Client’s Problem
Strength concern and high cost due to the complexity of the shape

A client approached Eto for the consultation about the installation performance and the cost of multiple minute parts that are used for a new information terminal with an anti-fraud function. As for three minute parts, at first this client was considering to individually process and finish them with the metal/cutting work and then to incorporate and integrate them to make a functioning part. However, there was anxiety to ensure strength from incorporating a minute part with a complex shape, and it also had a high cost problem due to the individual processing and finishing. For this reason, we were requested to lower the cost as well as to ensure the stable strength of the three minute parts, each of which has a complex shape.


Propose a new method beyond the function of a trading company.

In order to solve the requests of the client, “securing strength stability of the three minute parts with a complex shape” and “improvement of cost,” Eto needed to propose beyond general trading company functions. In addition to the “procurement,” “stock,” and “logistics” of the trading company functions, we tried to respond to the requests by implementing the “review of material” and “study of the processing method.” We will introduce the efforts.
Review of material

There is no perfect material for everything. However, it makes sense to review.
First of all, what Eto did was to review the material. If we can make the current problem clearer by comparing and studying the material that relate directly to the strength anxiety and cost, and if we can solve the problem by selecting appropriate materials, nothing is better than that. However, SUS is hard to process, brass raises concern against the environmental aspect. Further, performing the cutting process with the iron-based material, which was the original plan, raised anxiety for strength due to the complicated shapes and minute sizes. Since it is hard to believe that the client’s problems will all be solved with the material selection, Eto considered that a fundamental solution was necessary.
Comparison of each material
Study of the processing method

We selected “MIM process molding.” This began to move all problems towards a solution.
We considered that a fundamental direction switch including material review was necessary, and began to review the original method of “individually process and finish the three minute parts with metal/cutting work and then incorporate and integrate them.” We determined that in order to solve the problem along with the study of the material, it is necessary to reconsider the process of the individual parts processing and incorporation. So the material was determined to be iron-based, and we explored how to process the three parts as an integrated part in the processing stage. So the selected processing method is “MIM process molding.” Unlike the cutting work, it is excellent in the workability of parts with a complex shape and the integrated parts dramatically increase in strength, and at the same time a significant total cost-cutting can be expected because heat treatment and plating will be possible. Therefore, we arranged a prototype by asking a manufacturer that specializes in MIM process molding.

There is a reason that a technical proposal is possible >

Change of the processing method

Results of proposed

The big achievement that exceeded the target was that it became a mass-produced product.

As a result of the actual machine test and verification, we confirmed that the strength of the parts greatly improved to achieve more than twice the target of the client, and stable performance. Also, the cost was reduced to about 1/4 of the original plan, and it was decided to be mass-produced.

Improvement of the strength and durability

Percentage of cost reduction


Approach to problem-solving that is not within the function of a trading company

In this case study, we made a comprehensive proposal that ranges from the procurement of precision parts, design, study of the processing method, and to inventory management and logistics. In this way, Eto does not stay in the general trading company functions, but actively captures the technical knowledge and new technology based on long experience, and polishes the proposal abilities that enable an approach to the problem-solving that is different from the past. Thus, we are a technology trading company that can assemble the optimal supply chain for clients.

At Eto we offer various other solutions in addition to the above examples. If you are having trouble with your electronics, please consult with us.